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It was the job the customer wanted yesterday! We provided Westcountry Group with laser cut metal parts in just 48 hours.

Super-quick laser cutting keeps gates moving

Visitors to Aldermans may have seen our quirky clock, which runs backwards and bears the caption “For the job you wanted yesterday”. We always like to respond quickly when customers have an emergency, and we specialise in swift service on laser cut metal parts. So, when Westcountry Group asked us to provide some laser cut adjustment plates in a hurry, we were delighted to help.

The specialist gate automation company, based in Plymouth, has offered a complete service across the South West for over fifteen years. It provides gate design, manufacture, installation and maintenance services, and has more recently expanded to supply security fencing.

Perfect alignment is vital so that Westcountry’s stylish gates can open and close smoothly and avoid premature wear and tear. This requires specialist ironmongery, made from strong metal plates, which allows the hinges to be adjusted so gates meet at the correct angle. Depending on the style of gate, up to ten adjusters may be needed per gate.

48-hour turnaround

We were asked to make two flat laser cut metal parts, which were quite straightforward for us to produce on one of our CNC laser cutting machines. We also provided design support to create production drawings to the customer’s specification.

Following a factory visit from a member of Westcountry’s sales support team, we were able to quote for the parts within hours, and a purchase order from the customer rapidly followed.

Thanks to our specialist software, our laser cutting machine could be programmed swiftly, while also optimising sheet material yield for maximum throughput.

Just 48 hours from the point we received the purchase order, a total of 130 pieces were delivered to the happy customer.

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