Certifications & Awards

Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety certification

Because of the nature of our work – all bespoke manufacturing – strong processes are absolutely key to our business performance.  As a result, we’re proud of our triple certification, to EN ISO 9001:2015 (quality), ISO 14001:2015 (environmental) and ISO 45001:2018 (health & safety) management standards. 

Our quality policy

It is the established policy of Alderman Tooling Ltd to provide to all their customers a complete Quality Metalwork Solution to their requirements.  We strive to match their expectations and ensure that all customers are fully satisfied with all aspects of the company’s products and services and that their continued loyalty is promoted.

Aldermans has implemented a quality management system, based on the requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015, as the means of fulfilling this commitment and the system encompasses all activities from initial customer enquiry to product/service receipt by the customer and review of customer feedback following receipt.

Ongoing management system review and evaluation, including formal internal audits and documented review by senior management ensures:

  • that the quality management system is complied with and that it continues to be suitable and effective
  • the identification and implementation of management system improvement opportunities

All necessary action is taken following evaluation, and appropriate objectives and targets are set so as to maintain the high standards that are associated with Alderman Tooling.

Progress towards meeting these objectives is reviewed and action taken to ensure that all practicable steps are identified and appropriate system amendment is initiated.


We’re delighted to have won or been announced as a finalist in numerous local and national business awards.  We like to think our success is due to our family business ethic and strong values; a clear vision for what an excellent manufacturing business should be; and an amazing team of staff to make it happen.  Here’s our roll of honour:

  • SME of the Year – MAKE UK Awards (South Region) – Winner 2022
  • Manufacturing Business of the Year – PlymouthLive Business Awards – Winner 2022
  • Biggest Transformation Award – SWMAS 20th Anniversary Awards (2022) – Winner
  • Developing Future Talent – MAKE UK Awards (South Region) – Winner 2019
  • Top 50 Women in Engineering UK (Karen Friendship, Managing Director) – Women’s Engineering Society – 2018
  • Manufacturing Business of the Year – Herald Business Awards, Plymouth – Winner 2018
  • Medium Business of the Year – Herald Business Awards, Plymouth – Finalist 2018
  • Howard Kennedy Employer of the Year – Lloyds Bank National Business Awards UK – Winner 2017
  • Apprenticeship Award – Western Morning News Business Awards – Winner 2016
  • Apprenticeship & Training Award – Made in the South West Awards – Winner 2016
  • Community Champion (Karen Friendship, Managing Director) – UK Manufacturing Champions Awards – Finalist 2016
  • Family Business Award – Herald Business Awards, Plymouth – Finalist 2015
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (Bill Alderman, Founder) – Herald Business Awards, Plymouth – Finalist 2015

Environmental policy statement

Alderman Tooling Ltd are Engineers specialising in Toolmaking, Precision components, Press production, Sheet metal work and the manufacture of specialist furniture and shop-fittings.  We recognise that in our day-to-day operations we inevitably impact on the environment in a number of ways, and wish to minimise the effects of such activity wherever and whenever possible.

Part of our commitment is to ensure our efforts towards sustainable environmental control can be monitored, including a comprehensive policy statement and processes for continuous improvement within the business.  We aim to protect the Health & Safety of employees and customers, whilst contributing to the future well-being of the environment and preventing pollution.  All employees are encouraged to understand and implement the relevant aspects of this policy in their day-to-day work.

In particular Alderman Tooling Ltd will;

  1. Comply with relevant environmental legislation and Codes of Practice, through implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System (EMS), independently certified as compliant with ISO 14001:2015.
  2. Employ processes identifying aspects of our business that have an environmental impact and quantify the significance of each aspect.
  3. Maintain an environmental performance improvement programme to enable the company’s objectives to be achieved.
  4. Seek to reduce consumption of materials in all operations, through re-use, recycling and responsible disposal, where appropriate.
  5. Utilise and manage energy efficiently throughout services, products and operations.
  6. Reduce, wherever practicable, the level of harmful emissions.
  7. Market products that are safe to use and make efficient use of resources. We will work with our suppliers to minimise the impact of their operations on the environment through a quality purchasing policy.
  8. Support an open dialogue for environmental issues with clients, employees and the public.
health and safety

Health & safety policy statement

The management of Alderman Tooling Ltd recognises that we have a legal duty of care towards protecting the health and safety of our employees and others who may be affected by the company’s activities, and that managing health and safety is a business critical function.

To ensure we fulfil all duties under the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 and the Management of Health and Safety at work regulations 1992, the company is committed to:

  • Preventing injury or ill health to anyone who may be affected by its work activities
  • Continually improve its risk management and occupational health and safety performance
  • Comply fully with all relevant legal requirements, codes of practice and any third party regulations
  • Implement and maintain an Occupation Health and Safety Management System that is independently certified as compliant with ISO 45001:2018

The Company will achieve these commitments through the following means:

  • bring this Policy Statement to the attention of all employees and communicate and consult on matters affecting their health and safety
  • encourage all employees to identify and report hazards so that we can all contribute towards improving safety
  • regularly and systematically identify hazards and apply a risk assessment procedure that will implement appropriate control measures and safe systems of work
  • maintain our premises, provide and maintain safe plant and equipment
  • eliminate risks to health and safety, where possible, through selection and design of materials, buildings, facilities, equipment and processes
  • ensure that emergency procedures are in place for dealing with health and safety issues
  • only engage contractors who are able to demonstrate due regard to health & safety matters
  • provide adequate resources to control the health and safety risks arising from our work activities
  • provide appropriate information instruction, training and supervision to ensure that all employees are competent to do their tasks
  • provide an organisational structure that defines the responsibilities for health and safety
  • provide information, instruction and supervision for employees
  • regularly monitor our performance and to pursue our set of Occupational Health and Safety objectives, which supports our programme of continuous improvement

This Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed annually and revised as necessary to reflect changes to the business activities and any changes to legislation. Any changes to the Policy will be brought to the attention of all employees.

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