Aldermans appoints Shane Heaney as Director

We are delighted to announce that Shane Heaney has been appointed as a Director of Alderman Tooling Ltd, effective 15th August 2022.

Shane has held the role of Operations Manager since 2019 and as a member of the Senior Management Team has been pivotal in optimising our operational performance, as well as contributing to major strategic decision making.

Before joining Aldermans in 2007, Shane trained as a combat engineer with the army as part of the Royal Logistics, and then as a mechanical engineer. He initially joined us as a machine setter, working on the shopfloor, and quickly showed strong leadership potential. He was first promoted to Supervisor; then in 2014 to Production Manager, before broadening the scope of his role to include all our operations.

Trained in lean manufacturing management, Shane has championed lean skills in the business to improve our efficiency at every point. He has coupled this approach with a genuine desire to see staff develop and contribute, which is at the heart of the company’s ethos. Most recently he has been involved with the purchase of major capital assets and the implementation of our new enterprise resource planning system.

“Shane has been an enormous asset to Aldermans over the years, and his appointment as a Director is richly deserved,” commented Managing Director Karen Friendship. “He brings the combined skills of practical shopfloor management and strategic vision for the future of the business. He leads by example, and is trusted and respected by our staff and customers alike. I very much look forward to continuing to work with Shane as our Operations Director in the next phase of Aldermans’ development.”

On his appointment, Shane said, “Aldermans has given me an opportunity to progress. The company has provided me with support, training and the chance to learn new skills to help me transition from shop floor to management. I’ve been trusted with big decisions to help with company growth. I’ve been welcomed into the company and the senior management team, and feel part of the family. The skills and techniques of a good manager are learned over a lifetime, and Aldermans have helped in every way as I’ve taken the first steps on the management career path. I look forward to embracing this new leadership role and seeing Aldermans grow from strength to strength.”