The toolroom

CNC Turning

Aldermans offers high-precision CNC turning services for a variety of metals, and even plastic!

Using our two automatic bar-fed CNC lathes (XZY and Mazak brands), we create one-piece CNC turned parts quickly and to very high tolerances.

Situated in our toolroom, our CNC lathes are used for turning, boring, reaming, thread-cutting and chamfering.  Using the latest technologies, such as sub spindle and full Y axis capabilities, they offer multi-axis movement which allows single set-up, and speedy one-pass manufacturing.

Because our CNC lathes are computer controlled, products are manufactured with exceptional accuracy, and there’s no risk of operator error.  Our machines are capable of precision accuracy up to +/-0.001mm.

Our CNC lathes also include an automatic bar feeder for continuous operation for solid or tubular bar up to 50mm diameter (we can process larger bars manually too).  Both machines can be programmed to run automatically for ‘light-out operation’, helping us deliver the fast lead times our customers expect.

Our CNC lathes can process a wide range of materials, including mild steel, stainless steel, brass and plastic.

Whether the requirement is for just a few CNC turned parts, or for volume turning services, we’re able to help.  If your part requires more than turning alone, we have a full metal fabrication facility at our Plymouth factory, boasting a wide range of technologies, to create the complete component or assembly for you.


CNC Turning and Milling – what’s the difference?  Read our article to learn more.

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CNC Milling

Our XYZ 500 LR Vertical Machining Centre allows for high-precision positioning, plus efficient load bearing of the workpiece. This highly capable machine boasts easy and quick set-up times, making it ideal for production runs of any size. It can easily handle a range of materials and workpieces up to 510 x 400mm. As well as vertical milling it offers boring, drilling, tapping and thread cutting.

Our XYZ KMX SLV Turret Mill offers vertical machining of workpieces up to 1m in length and 410mm width. The range of CNC programmes allows it to easily handle complex components; and with fast and easy programming, it is ideal for one-offs and smaller batches. It can also be used in manual mode, which gives our skilled toolroom engineers the option to take control and feel the cutting process when required. We have four of these versatile mills in the factory.

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Press Tooling Manufacturing

We’re custom press tool manufacturers.  Tool making is one of the skills on which we built the company, and it still sets us apart today.

How does it work?  Tooling is placed within a power press, and this determines how the metal is cut or bent. Getting the tooling right is vital, because if the tooling is accurate and created to a high standard, the product will be too.

If you have a component part with complex shapes, folds or grooves in it, then a customised tool is the way to go. You will benefit from greater accuracy, and each component can be produced for a fraction of the cost – so for high volumes the payback in the tool is easily justified.

The type of tool we use depends on the part you need to be made. We can help you produce your product by creating blanking, forming or progression tooling.  Read on for more details about these different types of tools.

We pour a huge amount of pride and skill into our tool making. It all started with Bill Alderman, our founder, who was a toolmaker by trade; along with other skilled, time-served precision toolmakers who joined the business as we grew.  Our skills have been developed and refined over fifty years, and we believe it’s as much an art as a science.

Our toolroom team works to incredibly tight tolerances – so your products are made with outstanding accuracy.

Because we combine our toolmaking skills with the expertise of our CAD designers, you can benefit from our expert, comprehensive product development service.

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