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Bright and stylish, these TV enclosures make a striking lecture room feature and keep the cables and fixtures safely tucked away.

TV enclosures bring safety and style to University of Plymouth.

IT equipment has revolutionised classrooms and lecture theatres – but all too often it comes with a mass of unsightly fixtures and miles of cabling.  It can be an untidy distraction, as well as a trip hazard.

So, during construction works undertaken by Classic Builders, the University of Plymouth took the opportunity to make a striking feature of its lecture room televisions, while keeping the TV stands and cabling out of sight.  It commissioned five metal mesh TV enclosures in a range of vibrant colours.

Local, in-house capabilities

As a Plymouth manufacturer we were ideally placed to undertake the enclosure fabrication work on behalf of Classic Builders.  Having so many metal fabrication processes in-house, we are able to keep tight control of timescales, quality and costs.

Design assistance

Although there was a design in mind for the units, we were able to help develop this further and created production drawings in readiness for manufacture.  The main challenge was to create the structure so that individual panels could be removed for maintenance without deconstructing the whole assembly.  One of our apprentices, Felix, took a leading role in creating the drawings and overseeing production.

The materials chosen for the enclosures were 2mm and 3mm thick CR4 mild steel. This material is ideal for units which require a powder coated finish.  4mm thick Lexan® clear polycarbonate was used for the aperture as a strong, durable alternative to glass.

Range of processes

The enclosures demanded a range of manufacturing processes.  Work began by creating the perforations in the sheet material using our Amada EMZ turret punch.  The parts and bracings were laser cut on our Amada fibre laser and drilled, tapped and deburred.  The parts then went for folding on one of our press brakes to create the five distinctive folds which can be seen on each corner.  Our fabrication department then test-assembled the five units with nuts and bolts, before the enclosures progressed to our powder coating line, each being processed in a different RAL colour.  We also created matching wall mountings so that the units could be safely installed.

The project was undertaken in the spring of 2019, with all the work on site finalised by August in readiness for the start of the university term.


Pictured: Sean, from our fabrication team, with a unit ready to be powder coated.  Apprentice Felix, with a pink powder coated enclosure, ready for installation. 


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“The TV enclosures are well constructed, robust and colourful, and look impressive in-situ. We were pleased to be able to work with Aldermans on this project and would welcome doing so again in future.”

Shane Jeffery, Senior Quantity Surveyor, Classic Builders