Suresense needed a bracket for its new low-energy street lighting – so we made a prototype on the spot!

Laser cut brackets support low-energy lighting

Suresense Technologies is a forward-thinking company which develops ultra-clean technologies for energy management.  From its manufacturing base in Cornwall, the company supplies its products globally, including energy-efficient lighting, sensors and motor controllers.

Suresense has recently launched a new low-energy streetlight, the Radius LED ST.  Boasting a sleek design, the light offers 120,000 hours of service life, with a choice of lighting styles.  An intelligent lighting sensor can also be added, which allows each individual light to respond to lighting changes and occupancy in the area, delivering yet more energy savings.


Lighting sensor bracket

The intelligent lighting sensor needs to be fixed close to the lamp head, which may be sited as high as 16m above the ground.  A strong, durable bracket is essential so that the sensor remains securely fixed, even in extreme temperatures and weather conditions.  The bracket also needs to be light, so as not to add excess weight to the lamp head.

In autumn 2019 Suresense approached Aldermans to explore making a prototype bracket.  The client visited our Plymouth factory to gain assurance of our competence, as they were considering a move from another supplier.  We impressed them by cutting samples there and then, from drawings they provided.

Having demonstrated the speed and quality of our work, Suresense placed an initial order for 50 units.  We laser cut the pieces on our Amada fibre laser cutting machine, folding them to the correct shape on one of our press brakes.  The products were delivered on time, with just a 13-day lead time.


Fixing adaptor

With the first piece completed, Suresense then commissioned us to make a further item – a fixing adaptor for the lamp head.

The lamp head needed to be fixed to an existing lamppost as part of an upgrade project – but the lamp head diameter was wider than the post.  The adaptor would be placed inside the end of the lamp head, so would be almost invisible once installed.

Suresense provided the concept and initial drawings for the adaptor – however, we provided additional design support to create production drawings and optimise the design for manufacture, despite a tight timescale.  The finished piece was simple in design, yet lightweight and robust.  We manufactured the discs using our fibre laser cutting machine.

There is the potential to produce more of these with different inner diameters, should adaptors be needed for other installations.


First installation

The first installation of the new lamp heads was for a garden centre car park.  The centre had used Suresense products successfully elsewhere on site, so were keen to enjoy even more reductions in their energy bills.  With low-energy lighting of just 100w apiece, plus intelligent sensors, these lights are sure to deliver savings.  The robust, durable parts made at Aldermans will hold the lamp heads and sensors securely for years.

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“The components produced by Aldermans were fantastic. The quality was on point and the fitting to our product, which was crucial to the job, exceeded our expectations. Although once installed the adaptor becomes hidden, it is the silent hero and integral to our whole product design.”

Luke Slough, Technical & Operations Manager, Suresense Technologies Ltd