When luxury bed firm Vispring needed a trusted partner to turn its dreams for a new bed leg component into reality, Aldermans was on hand to design and manufacture a tailor-made solution.

Vispring: realising dreams

Vispring is a luxury bed manufacturer with a proud heritage of using the finest materials, traditional craftsmanship and technical expertise to create well-appointed bespoke beds. Customers include high-profile sports stars and celebrities and its products are used in the first class cabins of ocean liners and in luxury hotels around the world. When Vispring was inspired to create a new brass-plated bed leg that could cross the corner and centre of its beds, it turned to trusted manufacturing partner Aldermans to turn its dream into reality. Having worked with Aldermans for eight years, Vispring was confident the Plymouth-based firm would be able to work with them to interpret its concept, into a workable product. Vispring’s vision was based on an existing predominantly wooden furniture leg and it was keen to replicate its brass finish but to develop an elegant new and sturdy shape for the component.


Joining forces at an early stage in the development of this project enabled the two firms to combine Vispring’s creativity with the technical expertise of Aldermans’ highly skilled team. Together, we were able to develop Vispring’s ideas from concept through to prototyping and ultimately to manufacture. Working together also made it easier to adapt and enhance the design to ensure the product matched Vispring’s aspirations without compromising on quality or time. Vispring had originally envisaged a timber and steel leg. However, to guarantee a stronger, more durable product, the design evolved to a leg made purely of steel. However, the biggest challenge was to find the perfect finish to replicate the antique brass of the exemplar leg. Aldermans experimented with numerous powder coating applications, chemical processes and graining treatments to get the correct finish. Persistence in finding a solution that was right for its customer eventually paid off and Aldermans used its extensive industry connections to source an appropriate brass plater.

Bespoke manufacturing

As Vispring beds are handmade to order, timescales can be tight. However, Aldermans is flexible enough to accommodate any requirements – large or small. We hold call-off stock for Vispring and the brass bed leg order is now run on a KANBAN call-off system, which means we can supply the component exactly when it is needed, direct to the shopfloor production line.

The right tools for the job

Collaborating with a neighbouring firm meant Vispring was able to visit Aldermans’ factory and experience first-hand the various processes used to develop and create its bed leg. Meeting our skilled staff and seeing our specialist tools and machinery in action is important for a prestigious brand that prides itself on using the best materials and traditional workmanship in the manufacture of its prestigious beds. Aldermans uses state-of-the-art equipment, industry recognised software, and the latest CNC state-of-the art machinery. This means we were able to act as a one-stop-shop and work from concept to the delivery of a well-engineered product within Vispring’s timescale – even with design enhancements made along the way. For Vispring’s bed leg, we employ a range of our manufacturing capabilities, including: laser cutting on our Amada C1 laser punch combination machine; metal folding; welding by our highly experienced team; and plating – to add the perfect finishing touch.

High standards

Aldermans has a proud heritage of consistently and reliably designing and manufacturing to the highest standards. Quality assurance is an integral part of the design and manufacturing process.

Shared values

It is only fitting that a firm that makes bespoke beds for its clients should also source bespoke components from another Plymouth firm with similar values including a commitment to high standards, quality worksmanship and using the finest materials.

After years working with a number of top brands, Aldermans has a strong track record in combining style and great design with durability and practicality.


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Aldermans instinctively knew what we were trying to create and went the extra mile to add the perfect finishing touch.

Chris Harrison, Operations Director, Vispring