Metal cabinets and enclosures

Metal cabinets and metal enclosures are used throughout the IT industry, also known as server cabinets, rack cabinets and data enclosures.

With our dedicated production area at our factory we can mass-produce server cabinets of any size, or create specialist AV enclosures – all to our clients’ bespoke designs.

Prototype to large-scale production

At Aldermans we make it easy for clients to scale up.  We have the skills to produce prototype metal cabinets, plus the capacity to then optimise the process for cost-effective mass production.

At every stage we provide the assurance of exceptional quality and on-time delivery, on budget and to your required finish.

How we can help with your metal cabinet and enclosure requirements:

  • Specialist production skills– we’re adept and experienced at making walk-in metal enclosures or smaller parts.
  • Press shop capability– for mass repeatability, we offer very competitive production of rack cabinets and their component parts.
  • Accuracy– we provide ongoing quality inspections and a continuous improvement programme
  • Flexibility – from profiled and fabricated components, to a massive welded and machined press table, we have experience in making them all.
  • Quality– our ISO 9001 accreditation gives clients the confidence to order from us knowing they will receive a product to be proud of.

By working with companies such as Rittal and TDK Lambda, Aldermans has been manufacturing high-quality metal cabinets and enclosures for many years.  

Testimonial from Dr. Stephen Hobbs, MD of Rittal UK

rittal logo

“Rittal CSM Ltd has been a customer of Aldermans since 1994. During this time they have provided us with excellent support in the areas of engineering solutions, process optimisation, tooling development and the supply of sheet metal parts and sub-assemblies. Their performance and close collaboration has been a major factor in our historic success, helping Rittal to develop and maintain a strong presence in the Global IT and Industrial enclosure markets.”

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