Impressive results from our latest ‘lean’ cohort

Another four members of our team have successfully completed their Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Business Improvement Techniques (‘lean’ training).

Dee, Adrian, Ki and Kieran (pictured left to right) gave their concluding presentation on 1st October, the culmination of months of work under the guidance of Luke Taylor from LEAD (Lean Education & Development).

Aldermans has worked with LEAD over several years: this is now the fifth cohort of our staff to undergo the lean skills training programme with them. 

The team worked on a specific project to improve the production process for one of our key customers, a growing account which we acquired in the last two years.  They spent time exploring ways to improve the ordering process, manufacturing lead times, storage and much more.  Some of their recommendations have already been put into action and are already reaping benefits.

Praising the team’s success, Managing Director Karen Friendship commented, “We consider continual business improvement to be vital to our success and value the contribution each member of our team can make to improving efficiency.  Our staff understand our processes better than anyone, so training and empowering them to make improvement changes, even small ones, can accumulate to a huge positive impact for the business.”