New portable sink makes handwashing accessible and fun

In one of our most exciting projects, Aldermans is delighted to launch an innovative portable hand washing station.   

Branded Jengu, the portable sink was developed as an open-source design by engineering consultancy Arup, working in conjunction with the British Red Cross and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine.  Its purpose is to improve handwashing facilities in humanitarian settings such as refugee camps, to prevent the spread of gastrointestinal diseases, and now also COVID-19.

In April 2020 Arup commissioned Aldermans to produce the metalwork for an initial batch of 50 Jengu units.  We were proud to do so and were also able to help optimise the design for manufacture.

Jengu units require no plumbing (water is supplied by a jerry can) – so they can be placed wherever the need is greatest, indoors or outside.  The units are robust yet lightweight and can easily be moved by one person, and secured to the ground if required.  Operated with a foot pump, and accommodating soap and a mirror, handwashing becomes a fun experience for all ages. 

Seeing the need for wider handwashing in response to COVID-19, Aldermans has now also developed a second Jengu version, adapted for the UK market – Jengu Hygiene.  This version offers the essential handwashing features of the Jengu unit, plus some optional extras, all at an attractive price point.

Schools, campsites, attractions, outdoor venues and events can all benefit from the additional hygiene facilities Jengu provides.  

For example:

  • In schools, students can wash their hands near their classrooms, without leaving their designated areas or bubbles.
  • Campsite owners can place Jengu units close to pitches, to ensure guests have safe, clean hand washing facilities close by.
  • Outdoor attractions can place Jengu units strategically throughout their site, to enhance existing facilities.

Deploying Jengu hand washing stations demonstrates a duty of care – and is also a visible reminder for everyone to keep washing their hands!

Both the Jengu Humanitarian and Jengu Hygiene portable sinks are available to buy direct from Aldermans; and more information can be found on our Jengu web page.