Portable Sink

This portable sink provides an easy and cost-effective way to encourage regular handwashing, to help make premises and communities safer.

The Jengu mobile hand washing station is available in two styles, one for humanitarian use, the other to provide additional handwashing facilities for organisations and events.

Promote good hygiene

This mobile hand washing station is a quick and cost-effective way to provide extra hand washing facilities where they are needed most.

Requiring no plumbing, this portable sink is easy to set up and place close to the point of need.  Robust and stable, yet easily portable, the unit can also be fixed to the ground if required – making it an ideal indoor or outdoor hand washing station.

Protect individuals and communities

As businesses, schools, events and venues in the UK begin to return to normal, everyone needs to work together to stay safe and prevent infection.

Extra hand washing facilities are a visible reminder to everyone of the importance of good hygiene.

Reports show that handwashing with soap and water (even cold water), is more effective than using hand sanitiser. It may well be more cost effective too.

Prove compliance for peace of mind

It is vital that organisations and community leaders take responsibility to provide a safe environment for community members, service users and staff.

Providing sufficient handwashing facilities demonstrates a duty of care and practical protection – helping to provide extra peace of mind for all.

Hand wash stations for schools, colleges, campsites and outdoor venues

  • Schools and colleges. Educational establishments have a responsibility to encourage students to wash their hands regularly, preferably without leaving their designated area or ‘bubble’.  This can be a challenge if access to communal bathrooms is controlled to limit occupancy.
  • Campsites. Campsite owners need to ensure guests can easily access safe, clean hand washing facilities, without concerns about sharing and social distancing.
  • Outdoor venues. As people meet in larger groups outside, and some beer gardens reopen, venues need to provide accessible handwashing, to protect staff and customers.

Our mobile sink units are ideal for all these locations, and more.


Simple, cost-effective hand washing units

Minimal hand contact.  The sink operates with a foot pump to reduce the amount of hand contact with the sink itself.  Liquid soap is dispensed via an elbow pump – or fixed bar soap is also an option if preferred. 

Avoids cross-contamination. The curved tap is specially shaped for handwashing, to discourage other uses which may spread germs and viruses (such as filling drinking bottles).

No plumbing required.  This portable sink requires no plumbing, so it can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be easily moved.

The sink uses cold water as standard, supplied from a 20 litre Jerry Can which is sufficient for 60-80 uses. Alternatively, it can be plumbed into a hot water supply if preferred.

Waste water drains into a container of a similar size, for easy manual emptying – but it can also be plumbed in, or can drain into a ground soakaway if used outdoors. 

Robust yet lightweight.  The mobile sink only weighs approximately 10kg (without water), so it can easily be moved.  At 20 litres’ capacity, the Jerry Cans can also be safely moved by one person when full.

Fun to use, with minimal supervision.  With an easy-to-use footpump and mirror, Jengu makes handwashing an engaging and pleasant experience.

Jengu Humanitarian Logo (Colour)

For international aid and encouraging handwashing in rural communities.

  • Dimensions 72 x 77 cm.
  • Rigid assembled structure.
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Plastic basin included.
  • Foot pump operation.
  • Supplied with dispenser for liquid soap (bar soap fixing on request).
  • Disc feet, ideal for use on soft ground.
  • Pipes for fresh and waste water.

Additional product options (charges apply):

  • 2 x 20 litre Jerry Cans for fresh and waste water
  • Connector rods, to link a series of units 2m apart.
  • Reduced height version available with elbow pump for those with restricted mobility.
Jengu Hygiene Logo (Colour)

For UK schools, colleges, campsites, outdoor events and attractions. 

  • Dimensions 72 x 77 cm.
  • Supplied flat packed for easy self-assembly and compact storage (screw-fixed legs, allen head screws and tools provided).
  • Stainless steel construction.
  • Plastic basin included.
  • Foot pump operation.
  • Domed rubber feet.
  • Pipes for fresh and waste water.

Additional product options (charges apply):

  • 2 x 20 litre Jerry Cans for fresh and waste water.
  • Attachment for disposible towels.
  • Stainless steel basin.
  • Fully welded legs.
  • Connector rods, to link a series of units 2m apart.
  • Disc feet.

Pricing for both units

Price excluding water cans: £215 ex VAT.  (4+ units = £190 ex VAT per unit).  

Price including 2 x water cans: £230 ex VAT.  (4+ units = £205 ex VAT per unit).

Please add VAT at 20% to the above prices.

Carriage charges also apply, at £10.00 for one unit.  Price on application for multiple units.


Both Jengu units can be created to bespoke specifications.  Speak to our team to discuss your requirements and pricing.

To find out more and place your order, send us a message or call us on 01752 201200.

The story behind our mobile hand wash stations

“We were delighted to trial the Alderman’s portable sinks in our Junior School when pupils returned during the Summer Term. With schools becoming one of the first places to reopen after lockdown, it was incredibly important to maintain hygiene levels in all the year group ‘bubbles’ and being able to easily install additional handwashing stations around the buildings and external areas was a vital factor in protecting our school community.

“Our students quickly got to grips with using the foot pump and having a hands-free solution was extremely beneficial by reducing the risk of infection at a crucial time for the school. In fact, for many of our students washing their hands became a socially fun experience and they really enjoyed using the sinks! Equally, to have portable devices allowed us to quickly and relatively effortlessly relocate them should the need arise.

“With government guidelines suggesting that schools will be returning in full capacity for the Autumn Term, these sinks will inevitably prove to be an invaluable tool in ensuring high hygiene levels are maintained, therefore we would recommend them for any setting looking to supplement their own wash facilities in an affordable and efficient manner.”

Sandy Gardner
School Business Manager, The Maynard School, Exeter

The story behind our mobile hand wash stations

These mobile hand wash stations are based on an open-source design created for humanitarian purposes.

The original ‘Jengu’ portable sink was conceived by engineers at consultancy Arup, in collaboration with the British Red Cross and the London School of Hygiene, as part of a Global Challenge Fund project.

We are proud to have worked with Arup as the metal fabrication partner on this project.  For more information about the Jengu project, visit  https://jengu.org.uk/

We can fulfil orders for both standard and reduced-height Jengu mobile sink options.

We also offer our own modified version, Jengu Hygiene, suitable for wider applications in the UK market.

Image credits, top and bottom images: Greg Rose. Images show the Jengu units in use in Uganda.

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