CNC metal laser cutting

With our sophisticated CNC laser cutting capabilities, we create precision laser cut metal parts up to 20mm thick.

Fast and efficient CNC laser cutting

We’ve invested heavily in some of the most efficient metal laser cutting machines in their class.  Our two versatile CNC machines optimise manufacturing efficiency – even running ‘lights-out’ for faster leads times.

Our Amada fibre laser cuts material up to 20mm thick.  It boasts the fastest feed rate in its class,  170 metres a minute; and is automatically fed from our 12-tonne capacity tower.

Our Amada C1 combines laser cutting with a turret punch, providing both cutting and hole punching as one process to save time and cost.

We use sophisticated software which maximises the output from each sheet of material, for faster and more cost-efficient production.

We also have an Amada EMZ Turret Punch – a cost-effective alternative for punch-only jobs.

Aluminium and steel laser cutting

Both our CNC laser cutting machines can handle a wide choice of materials.  We offer:

  • Mild steel laser cutting
  • Stainless steel laser cutting, polished or dull, 430, 304 or 316 specifications
  • Aluminium laser cutting
  • Laser cutting for brass and bronze effect sheet materials
  • Laser cutting for galvanised / Zintec

How we can help with your CNC laser cutting requirements

  • Our sophisticated ‘Dr Abe’ CNC profiling software ensures we optimise every job to maximise material utilisation.
  • We can process your parts from a variety of media, including 3D models.
  • We can offer punched holes for greater accuracy and speed, with a choice of hundreds of punching patterns and shapes.
  • We can offer a range of further processes, including folding, welding and powder coating, making us a ‘one stop’ option for your metal cutting and fabrication requirements.

Additional metal cutting services

We offer more than CNC laser cutting alone.  By using various metal cutting processes at our Plymouth factory, we can create whatever finished shape you desire. Additional metal cutting services include:

  • CNC cutting. Our CNC machines undertake all kinds of operations including turning, milling, drilling, grinding and sawing.
  • As well as laser cutting, our capabilities include oxy-acetylene cutting, plasma cutting, and wire and spark EDM.
  • Manual metal cutting.We also have manual metal removal capabilities, using tools such as chisels, saws, shears and snips.

Through our extensive network of sub-contractors we can also provide abrasive flow facilities, such as water jet cutting.

Secondary processes and finishing processes can be achieved too, including deburring, chamfering and cleaning.

Precision CNC laser cut metal parts.

Wide choice of materials.

We cut up to 20mm thick mild steel.

Punch-laser combination saves time and cost.

In-house design service.

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