Product design and prototyping

It’s a wonderful moment when you first hold your idea in your hands.  That’s what our product design and prototyping service can help you achieve – we turn your product concept into reality by creating a unique, fully-working prototype.

Product design team

Our skilled in-house designers have turned hundreds of ideas into reality, sometimes with little more than a rough sketch or description to work from!

We can create 3D visuals (perfect for presentations), then transform these into manufacturing specifications, ready for our factory to produce.

Product prototyping

Product prototyping is the best way to test your theories and demonstrate feasibility.  With a sample of your final product in your hands, you’ll be ready to inspire your customers or investors, and show them how your product will be represented in the marketplace. 

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How we create your product prototype

Step 1:  Our product design engineers create a 3D CAD model of your product.  With their knowledge of materials and processes they will also explore how the design can be optimised for efficient manufacture.

Step 2:  Our team can also help with calculating the full product costing, and can cost-engineer your product to best meet your objectives and budget.

Step 3:  Once you’re happy with the design, it’s passed to the bespoke manufacturing team in our Plymouth factory who create your prototype.

From prototype to production

When you’re ready to progress to full production we’ll be here to help.  We offer versatile, integrated manufacturing, from the smallest parts through to full fabrication and assembly.  With a wide network of suppliers and sub-contractors we can source all the materials and components you need.

No matter what your budget or sales goals, our product prototyping service can rapidly help you refine your ideas ready for commercialisation.  Talk to us today about how we can transform your ideas into a unique product.

Testimonial from Claude Lester, Vertigro Vertical Allotments…

“Aldermans were able to help me productionise this product and assist moving the concept and idea into full scale manufacture. I was keen to source this in the UK and the team certainly helped make the design tweaks more feasible and kept the lead times to a minimum.”

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